Who Are We

Rannoch Meats is a family run business based out of Greytown in the Wairarapa region on the East Coast of New Zealand. Our mission is to provide top quality beef direct from our farms to you. All animals are bred on our farms prior to being processed through a local abattoir in Wellington. Two principles under pin everything we do:
  1. Animals must live in a stress free, grass fed environment (the more stress on the animals, the tougher the meat). This principle applies through the whole process from rearing the cattle right through to transport to the abattoir.
  2. Quality product and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the feedback we receive from our customers. New Zealand provides the best quality meat to the world and all New Zealanders should be able to share in this quality.
Our Story Having started out as lifestyle farmers, we are passionate about knowing where our food comes from. Nothing is more satisfying than sitting down to the table and knowing you grew all that food. This passion led to the growth of Rannoch Meats. With New Zealand’s wealth of agriculture , why were all New Zealanders not able to enjoy the best quality, healthy food, and so began the journey. Our Red Devon animals are grazed on rich and varied pastures of the Wairarapa producing a well marbled meat. Our farming practices ensure the animal’s welfare is respected and we believe that healthy, happy animals produce better quality beef. Farm visits are welcomed so you can see first hand where your food is coming from.