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  We have closed orders for before Christmas. You can still order, however delivery will be in the New Year

Bulk pack – select either a quarter, half or whole carcass and choose your own cuts.  The most cost effective way. Price: $10.50 per kg (incl GST), all inclusive price regardless of cut and based on the carcass weight before butchering.Please contact us if you want to know price Note:- some mince is provided with all bulk packs even if not selected this comes from the trimmings during boning. So selecting Mince below will result in additional mince.

Note:- Sausages over and above standard cuts are $4 per kg extra.

Note:- Gluten free sausages are available.

Carcass Order Form

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If T-Bones selected then Filet and Porterhouse cannot be selected (they are from the same part of the animal)


If you wish to obtain a price please "contact us". Submitting this form will place an order.