Select the product that best suits you:
  • Bulk pack (click here) – select either a quarter, half or whole carcass and choose your own cuts.  The most cost effective way.
How is it packaged? All meat is vacuum packed and pre-frozen.  Local deliveries to the great Wellington area are packed in cardboard boxes, with the meat staying frozen for short periods of time this is safe. For delivery throughout the country packs are sent in polystyrene boxes and packed with ice if needed. We endeavor to minimize the packaging as much as possible and are always on the lookout for alternative sources. Is the meat aged? All meat is hung and aged for up about 3 weeks.  Hanging (or aging) the meat gains tenderness in the meat. Why Frozen as opposed to Fresh? We deliver our meat frozen for food safety reasons.  It is easier for us to guarantee the quality of the meat when it is frozen.  With fresh meat delivery we are concerned about temperature variability affecting the meat quality.  We hang our meat for 2 weeks to age which adds to the taste, delivering fresh provides further aging but we have had changes in quality due to this additional aging. Finally most people are putting some if not all of the meat into the freezer when we deliver it, so it is easier for us to ensure the meat is frozen well beforehand.  Individual meat packs This is where we operate similar to a butcher and can be purchased direct from our farm.  Meat is either fresh or frozen, vaccum packed and priced per kg .  The packs are sized between 500g to 900g for steaks, sausages and mince, with roasts approximately 1.1 to 1.5kg.