Carcass Pack

Do you remember your grandparents having “half a cow” in their freezer? Now you can too. We supply bulk beef, from 1/4, 1/2 or whole carcass. Pay a flat price per kg carcass weight  and choose your cuts.   How is it packaged? All meat is vaccum packed and pre-frozen.  For delivering throughout the country packs are sent in disposable chilltainers packed with ice delivery.  Bulk packs
  • Quarter side –approximately 65kg carcass weight
  • Half side –approximately 125kg carcass weight
  • Whole carcass –approximately 250kg carcass weight
All meat is cut into packs of 2-3 steaks and frozen, ready for your freezer. Bulk packs are priced on a per kilogram weight using the carcass weight. The cost is $10.90 per kg (incl GST) for all cuts (equivalent of approximately $16 per kg meat).  Basically by buying in bulk you are reducing our overheads, hence you getting a better price per kg. Sausages over and above standard cuts are $4 per kg extra. Regardless of the pack you select you can choose your own cuts (click on the order form to see selection of cuts) or simply take the standard cuts provided. The following list is an approximation of what is contained within a standard quarter package. Note specific quantity will depend on size of animal.
Scotch Fillet 3 packs
Porterhouse Steak 4 packs
Rump Steak 3 packs
Chuck Steak 2 packs
Blade Steak 2 packs
Flank Steak 2 packs
X cut blade 1 pack
Schnitzel 4 packs
Corned silverside 4 packs
Eye fillet 2 pack
Rib roast 2 packs
Shin On Bone 1 pack
Mince 10-15 packs
Sausages 6-10 packs
That is 45+ individual packs! Bones can be included for those who want them. Bones are good for soup, making stock or feeding to the dogs. What does carcass weight mean? This is the weight of the animal prior to butchering, with bones still in place. If you have any special requirements or request please contact us. PRICE  If you wish to obtain a price please "contact us". The price varies as it is based on the weight of the animal at time of processing. On average for a ¼ the cost is about $700, for ½ about $1400 for whole beast about $2800.