Rannoch Meats Farm Update April2013

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Hi All Thankfully the warm weather has continued with the rain, which has meant that the grass is growing and we are looking less like a desert.  I have plenty of feed available for the animals so now hoping for a mild winter in order to ensure we don’t get too muddy.  We had been looking at expanding the farm grazing area, but getting some additional land to lease nearby is proving difficult.  Despite that we still have plenty of animals being processed and normally always have one or two ready when orders come in.   We have expanded out freezer / chiller space and can now be seen travelling to the Hill Street Farmers market with refrigerated trailer.  This is brilliant as it enables us to provide both frozen and chilled product, as well as have more stock available – though this is countered with wanting to provide fresh on-demand. (see a photo on our facebook page).   If you haven’t seen out facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Rannochmeats) then check out the great recipes on http://www.ceridwynscauldron.blogspot.co.nz/.  Caroline buys Rannoch Meats Red Devon beef and has some excellent recipes to try.  The burgundy steak and mushroom pie looks exceptionally delicious, so think I will be trying that one soon.   With winter approaching we have some family casserole packs at the moment – for those not wanting a full quarter:
  • $50 pack (5kg) or $100 pack (10kg) of casserole cuts.  The casserole cuts are chuck, silverside, blade, thick flank and gravy beef.
  Not on our website, so if interested send me an email and we can arrange delivery.   The horse meat saga in the UK continues to be a source of articles and in particular driving people into buying local.  You will see some photos of our cattle in this article from chef Kevin Blakeman. http://www.chefkevinblakeman.com/site_map/buy-from-the-source-and-avoid-another-scandal   As always farm visits welcomed, though I would advise to start bringing your gumboots.   Thanks Julian

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