Rannoch Meats Update – May 2013

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First frost of the winter the other day! The wairarapa is a sea of clour with autumn leaves still dropping and grass growing. Cattle putting on weight like it's spring. I love those warm winter days. Apart from watching for mud it is a quiet time on the farm. No calving and just a case of keeping the cattle happy and feed, which at the moment is easy. Oh don't forget those cattle going off to the works. Farmers market in Hill Street is going great and it is good to catch up with many of our Wellington customers at the market as we deliver packs ordered online. The other day Rodney Hide came to the market and mentioned the "Weston a Price" diet to me. Something he has been on for a while, at least according to his you tube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-GG6vKvP5Y). Something I hadn't heard about before, but a little searching revealed the diet is about knowing where your food comes from and healthy eating resulting from this. Something I definately agree with and was part of the reason we started our business after eating our own food off our land. Check it out at - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wellington-New-Zealand-Chapter-Of-The-Weston-A-Price-Foundation/166160236762371.

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